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Gourmet Paste's & sauce's

Made with fresh Marlborough produce and high quality best Indian spices

Great to Cook in minutes. Suit Vegan,Vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Every day curries to cook Restaurant style Tasty Meals...Easy

Gourmet spice blends

Our gourmet spice blends are made with high quality spices to make restaurant style curries with simple & easy recipes. Learn how to retain nutrients in curries. Cook easy, tasty and creative curries.

Inspire others to enjoy Indian cooking :) The Best spice blends

Instant mixes

Easy to cook 5 star meals in minutes. Perfect for fresh, fast meals or even tasty leftovers this one of a kind product can really suit anyone's needs. Great for students, busy parents or seniors who want a quick and tasty curry. world best and fastest to make curries

Pre mixes

Our gourmet pre mixes are made to compliment your curries with a variety of pre mixes to make 5 star health appetizers.The best pre mixes
Raizada's Indian gateway

Raizada's Indian gateway

#spices for good health

Raizada products are made to cook Indian food with Intelligence. I believe spices were Introduced to counter act Environmental toxin and to maintain good health just like Evolution of Indian spices......How we learned to know the Medicinal values of the Spices !......It was  very important then but it is very important now to introduce spices for good taste,health and cook  with simplicity   ......some one like me who overcome and cured  Diabetes, biggest epidemic of our Modern society by using good healthy spices like Fenugreek,cinnamon,cardamom,turmeric ect,......All the ingredients used in my Recipes will improve your cooking by far with improved methods and technique to make your life easy in your kitchen  and trust me when it comes to Indian food Raizada is unmatchable.......Simply the Best ....Explore India with Raizada products# 


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