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Rogers Food Philosophy

Cooking is an art. Some of us find it very hard, complicated, time consuming and some find it easy. I have tried to resolve most of these issues through my cooking experience to achieve maximum benefits from how we cook and prepare our meals.

The utensil we use are just as important as the cooking methods are to preserve the nutrients in our food.

Most of the old style indian cooking methods need re-thinking especially as we consider the source of our food and the different utensils we have available in these more modern times.


Its very important to buy right ingredients for healthy and happy style of cooking

a. Always buy local garlic, fresh ginger and fresh tomatoes, good quality tomato paste and puree and excellent quality oil .

b. Its very important to choose new season fresh produce over old season produce because new seasons produce behaves better in your cooking.


a- For cooking standard chicken/lamb /beef curry always cut your onion in julienne style not diced. This is because diced onion will take longer to dissolve in your cooking compared to julienne.

b-Always use skin off lean diced meat.


It is very important to use right pots and pans for indian cooking.

a-If cooking red meat always cook in a pot where your entire cooking ingredients sit in very tight because if your pot is too wide and too big your onion will not dissolve

Recommended pot size 2 kg meat 200mmx200mm 1kg 100mm x100mm and always a heavy based saucepan.


a- cooking standard curry fry the garlic and add all ingredients, put the lid on and let it built-up sauce or moisture on low to med heat for 20-30 min.

b-Add julienne onion and never let onion to be in contact with hot oil because as soon the onion comes in contact with oil it takes longer to dissolve.

c-Also add diced tomato, puree or paste when your curry is 80% done because the acidity of tomatoes will not let the onion dissolve.

d.Add extra water if you need more sauce 5 min before your curry is cooked.

To preserve the nutrients in your curry always cook with lid on .

Enjoy your cooking. Be happy when you cook, cooking is fun. Share your cooking to be healthy and happy.


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