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Makki Methi Roti With butter or Dahi

Good Health with good taste |


  • 250 g (2 cups+1 tbsp) maize flour salt to taste

  • 90 -100 g methi leaves (frozen thawed)

  • Luke warm water


  1. Mix all ingredient with water to make a dough and flatten the the single knead with your palm with your pam like 3x thicker Roti shape

  2. Cook it both side and serve with butter or Yogurt.

  3. Healthy Punjabi Brunch

Alsi Halva With Turmeric Milk

Alsi Halva 6-8 x people

Ingredients :
Alsi 100 gm(ground Linseed),Semolina 200 gm, ghee 3 Tbsp, brown sugar 100 gm, cashew 50 gm , Ginger Powder 50 gm, Ajawain 18 gm, Desiccated coconut 100 gm, water 200 ml, Sesame seed 2 Tbsp, cinnamon & almond to sprinkle).
How to MAKE :Dry roast sesame ,coconut & cashew quickly add ghee,ginger,ajwain,-Samolina and sugar cook it to brown or roast ,stir it till add water and serve hot with turmeric Milk
Turmeric Milk : Boil 4-5 cups milk add 1/2 tsp turmeric ,4-6 cardamom, serve warm.
Benefits and Reason
I Made this dessert with milk to improve blood circulation,inflammation and better sleep with Vivid dreams
Recommended Serve: 2-3 Tbsp Halva & 1 Glass Turmeric milk per person

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