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Raizada products are made to create magic in the kitchen and surprise any one with its unmatchable taste to tingle taste buds and explore Indian cuisine to enjoy.
Our best spice mixes, pastes and pre-mixes are made with Marlborough products and imported Indian spices to make 5 star Indian Curry at home in minutes or you can use the mixes to create your own dish - you are only limited by your imagination
All Raizada products are made to prepare 2 course restaurant meal in your home kitchen.

Raizada products come with recommended cooking techniques designed to retain the nutritional value in your food, attention is also given to the utensils, the method, mood, products and even the seasonal properties of food. This is something i believe deeply and it is the foundation of all my cooking. Come on this journey with me and let me show you the difference it can make. From my kitchen to yours.The best Indian products to cook delicious Indian foods to go or cook from scratch.

Update on Raizada Products

Aasha (daughter) and Kayden (Grand son)

As a type 2 diabetic for the past ten years, I have taught myself and others to use traditional Indian spices to improve health.