Butter chicken instant mix 2 serves (Hot)


Butter Chicken recipe by Raizada is in a league of its own, When it comes to making a restaurant quality butter chicken within five minutes with pre cooked meat, and a choice of your own cream. It's not just for chicken either, you can use it for vegetarian dishes and also vegan meals.

How to make a Gluten & Dairy free best butter chicken ?

- Step 1: Pour the whole sachet into the pan

- Step 2: Add cream to your preference, then meat or veges

- Step 3: Bring to boil, thicken to serve

Why Choose our best Butter chicken Instant mix ?

- 3 simple steps

- Curry within 5 min with pre cooked meat or veges

- Gluten free & dairy free

- Also Available in 6 serve to feed a group of friends or family dinners

- Restaurant style best Butter chicken

Use with the butter chicken instant mix:

Get the best out of your experience and stack with:

Low G.i rice, Naan mix, to enjoy a complete Raizada Dinner in your home to embrace

Chilli sauce: Raizadas own chilli sauce for heat as you require

Tandoori Marinade: Use to marinate your chicken

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