Butter chicken instant mix (Mild) 50g


The Butter chicken Instant mix created by Roger Raizada was made for our customers to make your lives easier by saving money,time and all the hassle of making a restaurant style butter chicken, from buying the spices and ingredients to the processes of prepping and cooking, this spice mix will  give you a nice creamy butter chicken or vege within 5 - 10 min using quality spices.

How to make a Gluten & Dairy free best butter chicken ?

- Step 1: Pour the whole sachet into the pan

- Step 2: Add cream to your preference, then meat or veges

- Step 3: Bring to boil, thicken to serve

Why Choose our best Butter chicken Instant mix ?

- 3 simple steps

- Curry within 5-10 min with pre cooked meat or veges

- suits vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers and most importantly Gluten free

- Also Available in 6 serve to feed a group of friends or family dinners

- Restaurant style Butter chicken

Get the best out of your experience and stack with:

- Naan mix: Enjoy Indian styled Naan bread

- Fire up chili sauce: Raizada's own chili sauce for heat

- Tandoori Marinade: Use to marinate your chicken

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