One for All Spice Mix (Mild) Great blend for any curry


One for all spice mix is the mother of all curries ! Our combination of high quality spices provide you with ease to cook Restaurant style curries within your own home. This unique blend can be used as a Curry booster, slow cooked stews and soups.

How to cook ?

First read the back of the packet then follow on with the steps given!

Step 1: Prepare your ingredients as directed on the back of the packet
Step 2: Fry 2 tbs of garlic
Step 3: Add raw meat and the rest of your prepped food
Step 4: Cover the pot and cook till onions are dissolved and meat or veges is tender

Learn more varieties of restaurant styled curries on Raizada's Blog !

Why choose the One for all spice mix ?
- Makes a variety of curries like, Korma, Roganjosh, Madras and many more
- High quality spices
- Suitable for Vegans,Vegetarians,meat lovers and most importantly Gluten free
- Saves room in your pantry by buying bulk spices
- Good for a group of up to 16 people so imagine how long it can last for 1 person

Get the best out of your experience and stack with:

- Multi thickener to make creamy curries
- low G.i rice
- Naan mix or Gluten free Roti
- Fire up chilli sauce
- Khalis Ghee

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