Butter chicken spice mix (Mild) 100g


To Make Restaurant style curry you also need Multi thickener and Tandoori marinade (chicken)

Butter chicken recipe by Raizada is in a league of its own, When it comes to making a restaurant quality the best Butter chicken from scratch.

Why Choose our Butter chicken spice mix ?
- Good spices to make your choice of butter chicken Dairy or non dairy
- suits vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers and most importantly Gluten free
- Also Available in 6 serve to feed a group of friends or family dinners
- Restaurant style Butter chicken

Get the best out of your experience and stack with:

- Naan mix: Enjoy Indian styled Naan bread

- Fire up chili sauce: Raizada's own chili sauce for heat

- Tandoori Marinade: Use to marinate your chicken
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