Naan Mix 440g



Raizada naan is a special pre mix to make a restaurant styled naan bread from our kitchen to yours, with our simple and easy methods, you can make, Garlic naans, plain, cheese, cheese & onion, Chilli Naans and the list goes as you can experiment each time you make it.

How to make Raizada's naan mix:

Step 1: Pour Naan mix into bowl then take out 1/2 cup for dusting the dough balls
Step 2: Add 20ml of cream and 150ml of water
Step 3: Knead into a dough ball and divide into 4 pieces
Step 4: Roll out with the rolling pin. ( use the saved flour to dust the dough balls)
Step 5: Cook on non-stick flat pan for 2-3 minutes each side.
Step 6: lightly brush your naan with our Ghee or your own butter (optional)

Get the best our of your experience and stack with:
- Khalis Ghee: A healthy clarified butter to brush over your naan
- Mango Chutney: As a nice dipping
- Chutt Sari sauce: Another nice dipping for naan, onion bhajis, samosa etc.

Our video of how to make Various types of naans is coming out in 2 weeks to make it easier for our customers :)

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