Butter Chicken Paste 350g


Butter Chicken is one of the most loved Indian dish in the world. Raizada Butter chicken instant paste is made with New Zealand's fresh tomatoes and onions infused with Roger Raizada's own spice mix which makes it one of the Best & Healthiest butter chickens made. 

How to make a Gluten & Dairy free butter chicken or Butter veges ? 

- Step 1: Add 3 - 5 Tbls

- Step 2: Add pre cooked meat or veges

- Step 3: Add a thick cream or coconut cream to your preference

- Step 4: Add 1-2 Tbs of Raizada multi thickener then stir and simmer for 2 min (optional)

- Step 5: Thicken to serve

Get the best out of your experience and stack with:

Tandoori Marinade: Used for Marination

Multi thickener: Use to thicken the sauce

Naan Mix or gluten free Roti: pre packed naan mix and gluten free roti

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