Damdar Power Paste 350g


Damdar Power Paste is a unique blend of spices created by Roger Raizada. Infused with New Zealand's freshest tomatoes, coriander and ginger giving an earthy aromatic taste to your dish.

How to make a Gluten free Damdar ? (2 serves ) 

 - Step 1: Add 3 - 5 Tbsp of the Damdar paste into the pot 

 - Step 2: add your preferred pre cooked meat or blanched veges 

 - Step 3: Add cream to your preference, coconut cream or full cream then bring to boil,thicken to serve

(Tip: Add fresh coriander and ginger while cooking for extra flavor)

Why Choose our Damdar power paste ?

- 3 simple steps

- 6 servings

- Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, meat eaters and also Gluten free 

- oil free 

- A unique curry that is totally different from any other curry you have ever tasted 

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