Chicken Tikka masala recipe

Chicken Tikka masala: 


- 1/2 capsicum       - 1 chopped onion (julienne slices)      - Chicken thigh  

- Canola or olive oil     - Cream or coconut cream 

- Raizada one for all paste    - Raizada Butter chicken paste 


Step 1  In med hot oil fry 1 chopped onion with 1/2 chopped capsicum

Step 2  Add pre cooked chicken, 3 Tbsp Raizada one for all, 2 Tbsp Raizada butter chicken paste.

Step 3 Add 100 ml of cream or more depending on serving size, bring it boil and thicken to serve

                                                     Chicken Tikka Masala NO  2


        you need; All of the above Raizada spice blends          .1 Tbsp crushed garlic and ginger each

              one diced onion          handful mixed pepper chopped       2 diced tomatoes

           400 g diced chicken pieces              2-3 Tbsp cooking oil

step 1 fry garlic and ginger in oil 

step 2 add all the ingredients above with 2-4 Tbsp of Raizada spice blends.cook it to perfection till meat is cooked.

step 3  add 1 cup cream to finish and serve this restaurant style healthy world famous curry.

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