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From our Kitchen to yours,
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Made In Marlborough NZ

Gourmet Curry Spice Mixes

our spice blends are made with high quality gluten-free Indian Spices to make restaurant style curries with simple and easy recipes to retain nutrients in curries and Inspire others to enjoy cooking Indian Food. 

Gourmet Curry Pastes and Sauces 

  our gluten-free pastes and sauces  made with fresh Marlborough produce and gluten-free Indian spices.
limit is your imagination create any curry or use as a dip, Relish or salsa for nacho.

Unmatchable Instant Curry Mixes 

Easy to cook restaurant style curries within minutes
Great for students, seniors and busy parents who want a decent curry without out all the Nonsense. Flavours are Unmatchable