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All spice , Curry spice mix
One for all spice mix
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One for all spice mix

One for all spice mix is the mother of all curries ! Our combination of high quality spices including, Turmeric, Cardamon, saffron, Kashmiri chilli and many more to provide you with ease to cook Restaurant style curries within your own home. Use your Imagination with this one for all spice mix as you can make over 10 different curries from cooking the base recipe. 

How to cook ? 

First read the back of the packet then follow on with the steps given!

Step 1: Prepare your ingredients as directed on the back of the packet 
Step 2: Fry 2 tbs of garlic 
Step 3: Add raw meat and the rest of your prepped food 
Step 4: Cover the pot and cook till onions are dissolved and meat or veges is tender 

Learn more varieties of restaurant styled curries on Raizada's Blog ! 

Why choose the One for all spice mix ?
- Makes a variety of curries like, Korma, Roganjosh, Madras and many more 
- High quality spices 
- Suitable for Vegans,Vegetarians,meat lovers and most importantly Gluten free 
- Saves room in your pantry by buying bulk spices 
- Good for a group of up to 16 people so imagine how long it can last for 1 person 

Get the best out of your experience and stack with: 

- Multi thickener to make creamy curries 
- low G.i rice 
- Naan mix or Gluten free Roti 
- Fire up chilli sauce 
- Khalis Ghee 

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